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Dear Students,

Welcome to Abhilashi College of Education, an institute of academic excellence and achievement that was established in 2003. It is amongst one of the finest colleges of the Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. I welcome you to the noble teaching profession and this pioneer institution accreditated by NAAC with an “A” Grade.

Here at Abhilashi College of Education, we impart an all-around education so that our students may become multidimensional rather than unidimensional. In my view acquiring information is no longer the main focus of education, instead, the main aim of education is to build the powers of the human mind and spirit. We believe in providing our students an environment, rich in knowledge and support for their extracurricular interests. We aim to evaluate our students based on their physical, mental, social, emotional, and intellectual development. I am sure that all of you will shape into well-versed nation builders, able to nurture young minds. All odds, all challenges, and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong determination, persistent hard work, insurmountable patience, and unshakable tenacity.” My best wishes to the new students entering Abhilashi College of Education.

Dr. Narbada Devi 
Abhilashi College of Education