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As there are 200 seats in B.Ed. course and 50 seats in D.El.Ed. course, the admissions are made based on merit in entrance examination/qualifying examinations. 85% seats in the B.Ed. courses are reserved for Bonafide/Domicile Himachali candidates and 15% of seats are reserved for the students of other states. Total management seats are 10% of the seats for Himachali Bonafide candidates. Out of 50 seats in D.El.Ed. course, 25 seats are filled up through subsidized category and 25 seats are filled up under Non- Subsidized category. Out of 50 seats, 10% of seats are filled through Management Quota.

Attendance Norms
The minimum attendance of students is 80% for Theory courses and Practicum and 90% for Field Attachments/ School Internship/ Practice Teaching
Note: The students taking part in the national/state level sports/cultural competitions will not be marked as absent for their respective period of participation in the above-mentioned activities.

Fee Structure
Students are required to pay the amounts as prescribed by H.P. Govt. and H.P. University, Shimla-5 to the college for their admission to the different courses. In addition,
H.P. University Examination Fee, Examination Related Fee, and Continuation Fee will be charged extra from the students as per H.P. University norms.

Mode of Payment of Fee
I. The first installment of the admission fee will be collected from the students during admission time.
ii.  The students must deposit remaining fees to the college strictly within seven days of admission to the course.
iii.  All payments should be made in time and exact amount as on the date fixed by the institution.
iv.  All payments should be made in cash, no demand drafts or cheques will be entertained in any case.
v.  Once payment is made, will not be refunded in any case to the students.
vi.  The security money paid to the college by the students will be refunded to them in the form of the crossed cheque after the declaration of their final examination results by H.P. University, Shimla-05.
vii.  The students will not be allowed to take their examinations if any sort of balance payments if left on their account.

Leave Rules
No leave shall be sanctioned except under special circumstances, provided students fulfill 80% of attendance conditions. The leave to the students shall be sanctioned only by the Principal on the recommendation of the concerned Head of the Department.

Dress Code
The dress code is an integral part of discipline which any institution enforces to maintain its dignity and standards. The dress code will be informed to the students before the start of classes/sessions by the college.
Note: Dress code is compulsory and any student not abiding by it, will be subjected to a fine of Rs. 5/- per day.

General Information and Code of Conduct
i.  Students should maintain the decorum and status of the college.
ii.  Students have to follow all the directions issued by the college from time to time.
iii.  Students have to maintain strict discipline during their course on the college premises.
iv.  If any student is found to be disciplined, strict action will be taken against him/her.
v.  Students’ cooperation is expected to maintain the decorum of the college.
vi.  Any information supplied by the student to the college, if found incorrect, his/her candidature will stand canceled.
vii.  Students have to attend morning assembly in the college premises every day on a compulsory basis. Otherwise, a fine of Rs. 5/- will be charged from the absentees.
viii.  Students not following the dress code will not be allowed to attend their classes on that particular day.
ix.  Students have to pay all the amount on their own required for buying articles/objects needed for practical work/assignments.
x.  Students have to pay a double fine in case they cause any damage to the college property.
xi.  Any dispute/problem regarding academic and co-academic activities will be redressed by the society/Principal.
xii.  Students have to follow all the orders/instructions forwarded by the principal.
xiii.  All the complaints and suggestions will be valid if written in the Complaint and Suggestion Register. Verbal complaints will Not be entertained in any case by the College Administration.
xiv.  Students will have to submit before admission an undertaking on the prescribed form given in this prospectus.
xv.  The students will not claim for the refund of fees once paid in any case whatsoever.
xvi.  If the course is being discontinued for any reason or if the student drops out of the course for any cause, no claim for refund of fees shall be considered.
xvii.  The admission of the student is not transferable in any case.
xviii.  If the students take part in politics or any other anti-social activities, the college administration has the discretion to cancel his/her admission or prescribe any other punishment.
xix.  Mobile phones are not allowed on college premises as well as in classrooms. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters.