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Abhilashi College of Education has a set of well established procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities as described below:

1. Maintenance of library:

For maintenances of library infra-structure and facilities the library committee and administration have been given the responsibility to purchase, procure books, manuscripts and other materials, as per the recommendations received from the college. The college has a good stock of texts and references in their library. For enriching of the library, the committee procures some good publications from national and international publishers. The library committee organises reading sessions and competitions among students and teachers, appeals to and organises students, teachers, alumni, guardians to donate books.

2. Maintenance of the laboratory:

The laboratory equipments, specimens, and other necessary chemicals are purchased by the office of the Principal and purchase committee as per the requirements of the teaching college.

3. Maintenance of the sports facilities:

Teacher Incharge of Physical Education takes the responsibilities of the maintenances of the sport facilities. The necessary goods and sports articles are purchased by the office of the principal as per the recommendations of the sport teacher and the advisor of the Student Union of the college. Periodically necessary steps have taken by the parent body of the college to develop the sport activities of the students. A pavilion has also been made for the student within the campus, so that the students can enjoy the events of sports Meet, organized in the college. Some of the sports items are kept in boys’/girls’ common rooms/ union room and given out for use of students under the monitoring of the Sports cum common room secretaries. Students with excellence and achievements are publicly felicitated and also supported financially to the extent possible.

4. Maintenance of Computers and IT facilities:

The office of the principal decides about purchasing necessary IT equipments as per recommendations received from the colleges and the administrative office of the college. IT facilities are maintained by computer skilled personnel of the college and they also take the responsibilities of periodic up-gradations of the IT resources. There is an ICT incharge in the college which looks after the maintenance of the computers and facilities. Few part-time employees are also entrusted with use and maintenance of these facilities.

5. Classroom facilities:

The maintenance of classrooms is a regular exercise. The cleanliness of classrooms is ensured by a group of Grade -IV workers and sweepers.   After the admission process in every semester it is ensured that all the classrooms have adequate desks, benches. The fans and electrical appliances are checked wherever requirements are found by the purchase committee. The purchase committee makes the purchases after approval from the Principal. There are projectors in as many as classrooms, besides smart classrooms.

6. Student support and welfare:

In the college campus, there is a good environment for the benefit and welfare of the students. Various sub committees are in the college to support services, student welfare and to meet their needs. The principal is the chairperson of all sub committees besides the students union. 

7. The hostel committee:

The committee looks after the hostel facilities for the borders in the college campus. The girls’ hostel in the college campus with 45(forty-five) girls has a warden, one matron and a night chowkidar. The hostel management committee ascertains smooth administrative functioning of the hostels as well as tries to maintain a homely environment for its borders.

For the welfare of the students, there is a medical room in the college and one medical officer is appointed by the college authority. Some tips and directions of good and healthy habits are given by doctor time to time to the student. There is a Yoga hall in the college and they conduct Yoga sessions for students which is a good step for stress management also. Along with the Yoga centre the gymnasium also provide various facilities of physical exercises with a good stock of equipments. 

8. Academic Support:

The college is affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla The college has an elaborate academic support mechanism. All the departments follow the syllabus of HPU for the U.G. B.ED. The examination system is very systematic and transparent. The mid semester examinations are conducted by a committee. The committee ensures setting of question papers, evaluation of answer scripts of each department.

An examination committee is appointed by the principal in each end semester examination and they are engaged in smooth conduction of examination, sending answer scripts to the respective zones under university, verification of the internal assessment and any other issues related to the examination.

The authority engaged many part time and guest lecturers in addition to the regular teachers for the benefit of the students.

Academic support of the students is also provided by the faculty exchange programme within and outside the college. The remedial classes are also engaged for the students as an academic support.

In the admission process the college has followed the HPU norms and procedures  as well as rule of the State Government.

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